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Trolleybay will be charging fees from you in lieu of following services:
Trolleybay Marketing & Referral Fees
Payment Gateway Processing Fees
Handling & Packing Fees Shipping
Fulfillment Options by Trolleybay.com
Trolleybay currently offers Dropship model that merchant can use.
Manage customer orders and provide hassle free order fulfillment. You pack the product as per our guidelines and Trolleybay shipping partner picks the package from your warehouse and delivers it to customers.
Benefits of Fulfillment by Trolleybay
We will offer you complete support right from order receipt to delivery, including Packing, Product Pickup, Shipping, Shipment Tracking, and Payment Collection.
  • Concentrate on your core business
  • Expand your Business without growing business complexity
  • Easy Payment Options including Cash On Delivery
Our trolleybay team will ensure to take care of your queries or concerns regardless of the matter. We believe in building mutually beneficial modern professional business relation to achieve conductive business growth. For any queries you may have please email us at sellershelp@trolleybay.com
Frequently Ask Question

Can I Cancel my registration?

You may cancel your registration anytime by writing to us at sellershelp@trolleybay.com. If there is anything we can help you out with you may contact us at our helpline number.

How do I list my product?

Listing your products is very easy. Just download the ready template for selected Categories. Alternatively you may get in touch with our business development representatives who will support you in product listings. Please speak to our representatives at our helpline number or email us at listings@trolleybay.com

Do I need to have a website to start selling on trolleybay?

No, you just need to register yourself as a seller with trolleybay and list your products to start selling.

Can I sell my products outside India?

Currently you can sell your products in India only.

If customer buys products through trolleybay, will customer know that he or she is purchasing from me on trolleybay?

Yes, we mention seller’s name on the Invoice and on the product detail pages.

How can I manage my orders?

We have a user-friendly microsite available for you to manage your orders, products and inventory once you are registered as a seller. You may also contact us through email at sellershelp@trolleybay.com

How do I get payments from Trolleybay?

Payment for all orders with successful deliveries would be transferred to your registered bank account through NEFT/ RTGS based on as per the below payment cycle:
Shipments Delivered Between Payment to be credited on
1-7th 17th of same month
8- 15th 25th of same month
16-23rd 3rd of next month
24th- End Of Month 11th of next month

How do I receive details of the payments received in each cycle?

Once the payment is processed and released, you will receive a payment advice at your registered email address. For any queries you may have you may email at accounts@trolleybay.com

How do you handle returns from customers?

trolleybay will handle return from the customer. Please refer to Cancellation and Return section for more information.

How are disputes related to the products resolved?

If the customer complaint is attributed to the Courier Partner/ Trolleybay / Customer, Seller will get the due amount. In case the complaint is attributed to the Seller’s fault, seller will be liable to replace the product and or accept the claim of refund amount by customer and or penalty imposed by Trolleybay.

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